Why Helpful?

It’s pretty common amongst the nutritionist/dietetitian crowd to label yourself, which sounds very shallow, but it’s what is done. The standard is: (healthy or dynamic adjective) dietitian/RD/nutritionist. It gives you a brand identity and sets you apart. It helps people remember you for more than your real name.

Here are some examples:

The Diarrhea Dietitian

The Real life RD

Inspired RD

That first one caught your eye, didn’t it? Unfortunately/Fortunately I’m not that clever.

So where did my label/brand/identity come from? Growing up I’ve always loved being that background person who helps get things done. Usually it’s a big project that requires all hands on deck, but I desperately enjoyed being a small part of a great work. I loved doing my best and giving my all to make something happen. And after 29 years of life I have come to the conclusion that it really is my life’s work. I don’t want to be the star of my own show and I really don’t want to be front and center. I just want to be that person that helps someone (preferably you) reach their goal. I want the journey to be about you and not about me. I want to enable those around me with the ability to be who they want to be: healthy, strong, happy, energetic, in control, etc.

Why nutritionist over RD/dietitian? After explaining that I’m getting my degree in dietetics over the last few years and the blank stare that inevitably follows, I figure it’s a good way to help people more quickly understand what I do. RD’s can be snobs about the term nutritionist (trust me on this) but it describes what I do, just in a less technical sense, which I’m all for.

Another thing that RD’s do is find a target audience. I’ve had some ideas rolling around in my mind but in general I really do just want to help whoever I can be as happy and healthy as they can. Maybe my focus will narrow as I get going; maybe it’ll remain general- who knows?

So why did I want to become the helpful nutritionist? Truthfully my story is not that different from anyone else’s. I was a skinny kid who got into some health trouble at 14- specifically I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, which is a fancy way of saying that my thyroid (that gland that produces that hormone that’s in charge of regulating metabolism ALL OVER THE BODY) wasn’t functioning at maximum capacity. This meant I felt sluggish and crabby and I learned how to gain weight real quick. At about this time my parents decided it was time to move from sunny California to not-so-sunny Idaho. Basically I spent a lot of time indoors trying to stay warm under blankets. I watched TV, nursed my teenage emotions with junk food, and made very few friends. It was a recipe for an awful high school experience and I wouldn’t go back if you paid me!

Thankfully since then I’ve learned the hard way how to overcome it all. I have real life experience. I now feel like I can help others and with my future RD degree I’m excited to give to those that maybe find themselves overwhelmed with how to fix the mess they’re in. Truly I’m here to help.



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