Thoughts on Peanut Butter

First a story:

My husband bought me a food processor a few weeks ago. We were at Walmart in the salsa aisle and we were perusing the salsa’s and I commented that they all had too much sugar and salt in them (we regularly check labels, he started that one). Thomas said that if I promised to make homemade salsa he would buy me a food processor. Hello?! Deal!

Thus our new food processor was born. I have yet to make the perfect salsa recipe so that post is coming. The one I made had too much onion. Hold tight. BUT I have made peanut butter and it was glorious.

But now to the real story. Last Saturday we were shopping at Walmart and we were on the hunt for peanuts to make homemade peanut butter. My biggest goal with the new toy was to learn to make homemade nut butters and this was my second chance to do so (I had already made almond butter). We perused the baking aisle and found the peanuts. They were the raw kind with the skins still on them and they needed to be baked/roasted/etc. before they could be consumed. And 1 pound was $10. Neither of us felt comfortable with this idea and I knew there was a snack aisle that might have peanuts that were already dry-roasted without salt, so we continued our shopping and promised to find and stop by that aisle. We eventually found where we needed to go and 1 pound of dry-roasted unsalted peanuts for $2.50!!!!! It was insane. We also found out that the raw almonds in that aisle were cheaper than the ones we had been buying previously ($.40/oz rather than $.63/oz). Our minds were blown.

2015-03-09 09.12.16

So I made homemade peanut butter and it was actually delicious. I’ve done the Winco homemade peanut butter and I knew I liked it but this time I made it in my own home! And on pinterest everyone said it would take like 20 minutes to get it to the right consistency but it only took me five, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong/right.

BUT the greatest verdict I got was from Thomas who said that he LOVED it and didn’t miss anything about the kind we usually buy. Next time I’m going to make it chunky because T and I both enjoy that.

So why should you make your own PB? First, it tastes awesome! Second you can control what goes into it = less salt, sugar and added fat. Third, if you go through it rather quickly, like we do (usually one jar a week), it might be cheaper than the store bought- though we haven’t priced it ounce for ounce yet. That’s sure to come since I married a man that graduated in accounting and loves a good ROI (return on investment). Oh, and fourth, did you know that food processor’s are actually not too expensive? The one we bought was only around $40 and it has this cool little scraper thing on the side so you can scrape your sides while you emulsify (it’s now around $55, but amazon always has deals coming and going).

Lesson for the day: think outside the box when looking for grocery items. Also, homemade peanut butter is better than store bought. Two lessons for the price of one. Lucky you.

Do you have any fun stories of killer deals or thinking outside the box at the grocery store? Leave a comment because I’d love to hear about them.


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