Tales of granola bars and woe…err….joy

Story time: Remember when I told the story of the PB and how the peanuts were cheaper in one part of Walmart than in another? Here’s a quick reminder. All read up? Good.

So now for another story. I tend to eat on the go when school is in session and sometimes this means no cereal for me. Thus I pack lots of granola bars to make it through my morning (and sometimes afternoon if I’m really behind). So I chose Kashi’s pumpkin flax granola bars. I picked them for two reasons: One they had more fiber than most generic granola bars, 2) they were fairly cheap. So I bought two boxes. And I had no problem with them. Except when week 10 rolled around and I was so busy they were practically the only thing I was eating. They got real old real fast. So when we went on our weekly grocery shopping adventure I decided to look around and see if I could find something with the same amount of fiber around the same price point. And I did. And they’re really good. Not like eating a candy bar good, but I’m not really going for that kind of good.

Photo Mar 26, 12 09 11 PMAnd while I don’t generally shop organic, I also don’t avoid buying anything because it’s organic. Plus these babies have chocolate chips. And…wait for it…LESS SUGAR. The whole bar only has 4 grams of sugar (1 tsp) while the Kashi had 10 (2.5 tsp’s). And yes I don’t get two bars in one but I’m so okay with that, cuz I get chocolate.

Also another thing I like about this granola bar is that I can eat half of it before a run and not feel like trash during the run. That’s amazing for me. I never eat within two hours of running because if I do I get cramps and my run will suck. But I ate half of one the other day and my run went better than usual. And I did it again later that week. I highly endorse these bars. (in case you care: this post is not sponsored at all)


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