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So I hate going to gyms. I think the main reason is that I just prefer working outside in nature instead of the sweaty, smelly, peacocking confines of the gym. That’s just one theory. There are two other reasons I know I don’t like going to gym: 1) I hate having to get into my car and use my gas and time to actually arrive at and travel from the gym and 2) I don’t like paying for it. I’m a student right now so technically that last excuse isn’t valid because gym fees are included in my tuition,  so I can go to the gym anytime I want, but I never do. So what’s a girl to do if she wants a really good workout? Well I like to run and cycle and hike, but those are all primarily cardio activities. Now don’t get me wrong, cardio is super important for endurance and longevity; I get that. But I also know that the money maker is strength training. BUT I suck at figuring out what moves to do to get a good burn. So I end up just not doing anything. I’ve even tried using those exercise outlines you can find on pinterest, you know the ones I’m talking about:

pinterest image

But I’ve found that I just get really bored and don’t stick to them. But recently I’ve begun trying to push my body a little farther and see how weak strong I am. So I’ve been searching for effective ways to feel the burn and stay motivated. My solution has been youtube workout videos. I know they’ve been around for years and I’m not the first one to discover them but I’m finally in a housing situation where I won’t bug anyone with my jumping and grunting (yes that’s what happens when people workout and they aren’t very good at it). Plus we have the Amazon Firestick so I can stream it right onto my TV in my living room where I have a bit more space, so it’s much more convenient than any bedroom I’ve lived in previously. And one thing I realllllllly like about these videos is that there are a ton of them and I can do tons of different exercises every day or do them in different ways every day. This means I’m not bored. Which means I’ll continue to do it. Which means I might actually start to see what my body is capable of. Huzzah!

So now that I watch TONS of youtube exercise videos I figured other people might like to know what’s good and what’s not worth their time. **Disclaimer: I only have limited equipment (two 8 lb hand weights, two 3 lb hand weights, an exercise ball, a yoga mat, a resistance band, a jump rope, a foam roller, and a yoga block) so I’m mostly doing body weight, or low weight exercises. Also I’m not usually focused on cardio or fat burn since I get those elsewhere, my main focus is on strength training so the majority of videos I will review are just those.

Here we go:

Okay so I know I just gave this big long disclaimer but I’m violating one of those right now by first reviewing a yoga series I really like. Sue me.

Yoga with Adriene– I first found this series by a youtube search for easy yoga. I was a newbie (still am) and was looking for something fun that also wasn’t hard. I think fate had everything to do with clicking on this video. I really like the way Adriene does yoga. She has a natural ease with the flow of yoga and it’s like having your best friend teach you, she’s super personable. And she made me feel like even though I was a beginner I could still follow along. Plus her 30 days of Yoga series was perfect for me starting out. I have a boredom problem (don’t we all?) and I knew that having the same routine daily would kill me. But having something different for a straight 30 days (okay I haven’t finished it, I only do about 3-4 days per week because of my schedule and I’ve been more focused on strength lately) is super helpful for my boredom problem. I also really like this series because I think it’s good for mental health. I am a natural born stress case and my fall term in school just about killed me last year. So when it was time to start winter term this year I knew something had to change. Starting the 30 day yoga challenge was exactly what I needed to get my stress levels down to a more appropriate and manageable level. I give Yoga with Adriene a 5 star rating 🙂

This was the first video I started with. Then I progressed to the 30 day challenge. You can also find her website here.


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