Youtube Reviews: feel the burn

I’m really weak. I haven’t regularly exercised specific muscle groups consistently for, well, ever. So my muscles easily feel the burn. So if you’re ripped/shredded/etc. don’t judge me and don’t worry about the videos I’m about to share, they’re probably not for you. But if you’re like me and you’re just starting out and are trying to get a little definition in your guns/glutes/abs/quads then this might be helpful for you.

Today “feel the burn” youtube videos are up for review. I personally like short segment videos that I can pick and choose from; it’s my own version of choose-your-own-adventure. Let’s get to it!

#1: abs

This video is tough for me. But I love when the instructor keeps saying “you’re welcome”. It makes the video sassy, funny and makes the mood feel much lighter. And when my lower abs are screaming in pain, I like to say “thank you” and smile. It makes me feel better.

#2: Legs/Booty

I like popsugar fitness for some reason. I haven’t quite figured out why. I like the regular instructor, Anna Renderer, because, even though she’s ripped, I still feel like she struggles with the workouts too. I know she’s just a good actor but I still appreciate the sympathy. Also in this particular set the air chair squats make me burn like I could start a fire with my pain. But it hurts so good.

#3: arms

The tricep series in this video, when I really try and focus and squeeze my triceps, kills me. The after stretch always hurts, which I find funny. But I love it. And I find Sarah and her outdoor scenery quite delightful.

There are my top 3 “feel the burn” workouts for this week. Do you have any fun suggestions for next week?? I want to try more Barre or Pilates workouts. I LOVE those. But I haven’t found many 10 minute sets that I can do in a series. Harrumph. Princess whiner Rachel is experiencing a first world problem. 😉


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