You-tube reviews: Blogilates

So I enjoy Cassey Ho from Blogilates. She’s fun and energetic and when you’re working out that’s usually not a bad thing. And though these videos are pilates and 5 minutes long (which is what I technically was looking for), these aren’t my favorite videos ever. But I’ll talk about each of them separately because I did like some parts.

Here’s my favorite one I did. I love a good ab workout and this one delivers. If you’re short on time I recommend this for sure.

This video isn’t my favorite. It works out my legs, all right, but it’s just not that fun to do. For me.

This set is awkward. I didn’t personally enjoy doing the triangle push-ups or the second set of push-ups, even though they were just cobra push-ups. Like I said, it was just uncomfortable. And if I can be comfortable and enjoy my workout and feel like I got a good butt (or arm) kicking, then I will. For now, I’ll stick with sarahfit.

If I could give blogilates 5 minute sets a grade I’d give them a B+.


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