The best water bottle you didn’t know you were looking for

If you’ve never experienced the headache of water bottle shopping then good for you. But I have. And it’s pain.ful. It starts out innocently enough. You just want to carry around water and not hate your life. And then you start buying bottles and you realize how hard those two things are to find together. One tastes funny. The other doesn’t wash well. Some drip water. Others don’t hold enough. And some hold too much. It’s a nightmare (yes I realize this is another set of #firstworldproblems, I apologize). I may or may not have recently gone through this arduous process in my life. BUT I found the perfect bottle and dude, it is awesome. It was inspired by one of my professors. I sat in the front row of his class and would frequently see him sipping from this feat of genius and finally searched for my own. And guess where I found it. You guessed it: Walmart. And at the low low cost of less than $9. Score.

Do you wanna see my favorite water bottle of all time ever?

I thought you’d never ask.

This lovely little gem is by Aladdin and can be found at your local neighborhood Walmart, Amazon or from the aladdin website.

So why do I love it SOOOOO much? Let me count the ways.

  1. It washes easy. I hate tiny spouts simply because washing them in the dishwasher or with any normal dish brush is impossible. This thing detaches so you can stick it in the dishwasher without worrying about the germs you are missing and without cursing the world. Also it gets rid of any funny taste.
  2. Tiny mouth spout. I like tiny spouts when I can wash them because they make not spilling whilst drinking a wee bit easier. When I’m in the car, drinking is a joke with anything wide mouthed. It’s just going to end up all over me. Let’s be real. So the tiny spout is perfect for me on the go. Also I tend to drink more with a small spout. Haven’t figured that one out yet but it’s a weird truth.
  3. It’s insulated. I’m not saying it’s going to keep cold water cold during 90-100 degree days but it certainly isn’t going to warm up the water as fast as non-insulated bottles. I like that.
  4.  It holds 32 ounces. I like to drink lots of water and that’s half my days worth in one go. I LOVE that.
  5. In the one I bought there was an infuser that came with it. I don’t do infused water in general,  but if I ever did then it’s a nice touch.
  6. It doesn’t drip. I mean it might if you didn’t screw it on all the way but I’ve never had a problem with it. And I use it everyday.
  7. It’s super cheap. Less than $9 for a great water bottle is kind of unheard of. Contigo tends to go for around $15 minimum. 32 ounce Hydroflask run around $34. This one is a steal of a deal.

So that’s why I love my water bottle. And I convinced Thomas that my water bottle was superior to the point that he actually bought his own this last week. In gray (mine is turquoise). We’re a family of water bottle lovers.

And there is one teensy thing this water bottle doesn’t do so well. It doesn’t exactly sit well in cup holders. Ah well. You can’t have everything.


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